Starting to feel like your bathroom could use a pick me up? Don’t think twice! There are many benefits from renovating your bathroom. To begin with, every home needs a bathroom, it is essential and something a buyer pays closer attention to when shopping for a new house. This means that renovating your bathroom is a great investment as making it nicer will increase your property’s value. Not just that, you will have a beautiful bathroom that you and your family members can enjoy. We always begin any bathroom project with design options. A member from our team will explore all your ideas and provide a layout or two so you can have options to choose from. This is a great time for you to put your creativity to work and make great use out of your bathroom space. A detailed contract is always given to the client to be signed before the project starts so that they are aware of everything that will occur in the construction process. Bathroom installations or renovations can include a new tub, toilet, sink, vanity, new floor and wall tile and anything else you can think of. You would be surprised to see how much we can do to your bathroom!

Our experience is one of the things that makes us the best construction company you could choose from. At Flores Design and Construction, we have fixed more bathrooms then you can imagine in our 15 years of experience! Check out some of our pictures to get inspired and call today to get a free quote and consultation. We take pride in the great work we do and the timely manner in which we complete it. We guarantee to have your bathroom projects completed as quickly as possible to assure we are not causing an inconvenience to anyone in the home.

Bathroom Installation

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